About Us

The Enchanted Needle is a small needlework store specializing in various forms of needlework, while also offering a generous selection of yarns for knitting and crochet. Started in 1998 by the 'sisters', it quickly outgrew it's original local and was moved to the present location, providing the necessary space for expanding product lines and classroom/workroom areas.

Classes are offered in the Lilac Room throughout the year, from beginner courses to advance for many different styles of needlework and knitting. This could involve making a tablecloth in Myreschka, painting a canvas and embellishing with specialty stitches and threads, old art forms of needlework such as Bargello, Ottoman embroidery or Schwalm, or just learning basic techniques for needlework and knitting. The Lilac Room is an animated workroom throughout the week and Saturdays for those wishing to work on their projects.

Professional finishing services are offered for pillows, wall hangings, talit bags (almost anything sewn), canvas and needlework, and putting together knitted garments. For those seeking a special gift, there is a small selection of handmade garments and articles.

If you would like to know more about the store, come and visit us if possible.

A look inside our shop!